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An elegant and uniquely designed set of Indian Marble God Statues, which would leave you mesmerized, each time you see them!

Welcome to our company

India has always been known to be a country which has a firm belief in god. But then when it comes to procuring the right set of idols for your Puja room, one needs to go to a firm which has experience, someone like BM Arts. Working in this line since 1986, we are acknowledged as a Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. With years of practice in this sector, our organization creates an elegant and detailed range of statues. All artifacts which we fabricate can be used as gift items for mandirs, homes, offices, corporate spaces, gardens, weddings, and all other events. Built using top grade materials, these array of items are known for their uncrackable structure. From Marble God Statues, Radha Krishna Statues, Marble Radha Krishna Statue, Goddess Durga Vaishnov Devi and Panchmukhi Avatar Hanuman Murti to Budha For Yoga and Marble Sai Baba Statues, one can choose among numerous goods from under our roof. Their scratch-resistant surface gives them an edge over similar items in the market.

Ambit of Products

With a commitment of revamping your homes into an aesthetically pleasing one, our team would make sure that these statues would make each guest and acquaintance gasp in awe, every time they walk in by the front door!
  • All Custom Moortis Of Any God Goddesses Of All Religions
  • All Hindu Goddess Khodiyar
  • All Marble Statues And Murtis
  • All Types Of Engraved Sculptured Emblems Of Private Official And Religious Types
  • All Types Of Fish Masterpieces
  • Ambe Mata Statues
  • Bahuchar
  • Bijoliya
  • Black And All Marbles
  • Budha For Yoga
  • Candle Holders
  • Ganesh With Ridhi Sidhi
  • Ganesha Stone Statue
  • Gift Vases
  • Giriraj
  • Goddess Durga Vaishnov Devi
  • Guru Murtis
  • Guru Statues
  • Hanuman Standing Or Sitting
  • Human Statues
  • Jain Mahavir Parasnath Parshwanath Padmavati Chakeshvari Manibhadraveer Nakodaji Gautam Budh Murti Statues
  • Kuldevta
  • Jesus Christ Roman Figures
  • Jugaljodi Of Radha Krishna
  • Marble Article
  • Human Statues
  • Kaali
  • Kuldevi
  • Marble Hindu God Statues
  • Marble Radha Krishna Statue
  • Ladu Gopal
  • Lakshmi Ganesh
  • Lakshmi Moorti
  • Lakshmi Statue
  • Laxmi Narayan
  • Lord Shrinathji Moorti
  • Marble Durga Statue Moorti
  • Marble Statue Of Ganesh
  • Momentos
  • Nataraj Shiv Murti
  • Panchmukhi Avatar Hanuman Murti
  • Radha Krishna Statue
  • Ram Darbar Murtis
  • Ram Sita Laxman And Das Hanuman
  • Saraswati
  • Saraswati Murti
  • Satyanarayan
  • Sherawali
  • Shiv Parvati Statue
  • Shiva, Shivji Statue
  • Shreenathji Statue
  • Tejaji
  • Vishnu Laxmi
  • White Ganesh Statue
  • Wine Glasses
  • Marble Sai Baba Statues
  • Marble Dwarka Mai Statues
  • Marble Ganesha Statues
  • Marble Radha Kishan Statues
  • Marble Ram Darbar Statues
  • Hanuman Statues

We also deal in the following goods-

  • Garden marble artifacts for decor, garden house corporate elephants, animal figures- horse, cows, bull, camel, tortoise, dogs, pets
  • Marble hand painted plates and animals decors with stones and painted
  • Garden furniture benches, tables, chairs, lamp posts, planters, plant pots
  • Custom marble artifacts, made from all types of white marble, pink marble, black marble, brown marble

City of Detail!

Jaipur is a city which is known for it̢۪s excellence in creativity. With centuries of experience, this city holds they key to the most intricate level of detailing one could ever imagine. This is why our establishment has hired an excellent batch of craftsmen working in this line, so as to make sure that each and every item we design it̢۪s an avant-garde one. Their degree of skill in this field has guided us to walk on a promising route to success.

Quality Assurance

No matter however much we excel in terms of success, one thing which we can never let go off is the parameter of quality. A devoted institution, we leave no stones unturned when it comes to fabricating a reiiable and elegant set of Goddess Durga Vaishnov Devi and Panchmukhi Avatar Hanuman Murti. Procuring none other than the best of raw materials for our fabrication purpose, we conduct robust inspections so as to make sure that every item passes the laid down standards when it comes to quality.